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I am writing this post as a tribute to Kate Spade. She created a movement and will always be remembered for her fun, colorful and sparkly styles that brought a bit of edgy elegance to women’s fashion.

And it is dedicated to her memory which will always bring a sense of accomplishment to many women. And for supporting everyone who is sharing their Kate Spade memoirs. My first Kate Spade bag was special too #myfirstkatespade.

I was always fascinated by how the brand was able to convert a non-believer in buying a brand handbag, me, to indulge. Not only that even added some sparkle to my clothing and bows to my shoes…

So what happened…

  1. Story — The messaging was about “adventure” and not about “looking cute” or even “looking beautiful”. It was about having fun while in crisis, making the most of any situation, and being colorful in a dull situation. So many of us share the spirit of adventure and can relate to situations where we were resourceful while being fashionable.
    Remember the #missadventure — the great escape.
  2. Surprise Sale — An email from Kate Spade about 75% off was never an intrusion into a busy day. It was like a break to reward yourself for a hard day’s work. It was a minute to add a sparkle to life. So, the question is how did they do it — it created a sense of urgency and bragging rights for the shoppers. Many brands would find this tactic as diluting the brand. However, for women who are just coming of age, buying at 75% less, is saving money — not spending. And wait till you tell your friends, how much you saved to get the bag. Clearly, knowing your audience helps.
  3. Self — Glamor is one thing and is short-lived. Real-life is bigger than that. Kate Spade brand helped build Abahizi Rwanda, an employee-owned handbag manufacturing facility in masoor, Rwanda that has been making their on purpose label bags since 2014. It is integrated into its supply chain and is growing as a supplier, providing employment to women, who are the heroines of their own story.
    https://youtu.be/CtwkwFv-Q5k I am the heroine of my own story

As a marketer, I applaud the brand building, which was centered around creating great content, leveraging technology mediums, and serving with purpose. That is why I converted and will always treasure my first Kate Spade.

The story and surprise that makes a purposeful self — now that’s Kate Spade for me. Thanks for knowing me so well, Kate. #RIP

Do you remember your first Kate Spade??? #myfirstkatespade

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