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Great book by Kamal Ravikant “Love Yourself As your life depends on it”. I enjoyed it, particularly because this is not a book by a spiritual leader but by a person with who I can identify. It becomes easy to understand because he is dealing with the same struggles as some of us have on a daily basis.

Pressures of building a business, insecurities, ailments of the body, and bruises of past memories, tend to get us stressed and feeling miserable – but to what end – is the real question?

What Kamal emphasizes is that “If we loved ourselves truly and deeply, would we let ourselves experience this?”

This resonates with me. Sometimes we don’t even realize this, till we are hurt to the point where we are forced to look inside.

Actually, I have been varying from the “Love Yourself” movement as sometimes it gets misunderstood as being “selfish”. In this book, it is not about what you can get from others by manipulation in the name of loving yourself. It is about what you know about yourself – the good and the bad, the beauty and ugliness, the divine and devil inside of you.

Kamal’s focal point is – Love yourself – Be patient, accept yourself, and let love nurture and heal.

And brace yourself for the magic of life…

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