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A lot has been written about the iPhone X launch. So, I am not here to give any more lessons to learn from the presentation (though it was a stunning example of product marketing). I am here to explore how it shifted our reality, played with our emotions, and totally was a trip into the future…

Marketers are emotional experts. Their senses are tuned to their audience. And when you are working with a brand like Apple, you know that people have a story about Steve Jobs, the launch of the first iPhone, and how they relate to Apple as a brand and its products.

One more thing

Steve Jobs was known to end his presentation with “One more thing”, when Tim Cook re-invoked “one more thing”, he instantly connected with a story that has had a huge impact on our lives. Just listening to it, I had goosebumps — almost felt Steve was in Cupertino. And the raised appeal demanded we share the common responsibility to listen in and wonder “What would Steve think about this?

iPhone X. This really is the future.

Not the first time in the industry, not the best in its class, not even the game-changer, the message was this was the future. Now imagine, what would be your future, if you were the only one left out, didn’t have this device.

Yes, those who don’t care, this is not an issue. For those who are perceived weird, for those who are termed geeks and for those Elon Musk die-hards, this matters. It matters to be part of the future, be different, be obsessed with an intellectual pursuit…this matters.

Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park and the Jeans

Wow! It was an experiential roller coaster. The environment was picture perfect. Even when I close my eyes, Apple is white, for me. Also, those, who are close to the Silicon Valley culture, we perceive jeans as the perfect outfit for a tech presentation. Bringing it all together, was a statement of innovation.

I love marketing — and when I find myself captured in a story — all unaware — I love it. What better way to experience marketing than to be played by it.

Thank you Apple — yup, can’t wait for facial recognition for unlocking my phone and for talking emojis.

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