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In honor of National Women’s History Month, I’m excited to announce my friend Helene Lerner is hosting a seven-part Webinar, based on her popular book, In Her Power: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self. It offers groundbreaking techniques that have helped thousands of women step into their power. My story is part of this book along with the others who inspired me. Thanks to Helene for the opportunity to be part of the book and the TV show that followed the popular book.

Below are the seven modules that we will explore, designed to create transformation in your life.

  • Your Unique Destiny

  • Accepting the Discomfort of Change

  • Appreciating All Aspects of You

  • Expressing Yourself Genuinely

  • Acting with Confidence

  • Building a Power Web

  • Inspiring Other Women

Each of these modules will give you a different facet of your power. And I am excited to extend a special invite to the webinar that starts on March 24th. It is nominally priced – please click here to register.

About Helene Lerner

Helene is a respected keynote speaker and the founder of WomenWorking.com, one of the premier websites for career women worldwide. The course includes daily support through “Power Nuggets” delivered directly to your inbox.

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