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I was invited to speak at the Mobile Acquisition Unlocked on the topic of “How sustainable is this current App Ecosystem?”

My 2 cents – creating value for the customer is vital.

What is Deja-vu?

Facebook and Zynga had a torrid love affair and then the market picked who was going to win and who was going to lose. The relationship is epic – the race to cash lowered the barriers to entry for developers, marketers became growth hackers and the disruption continued to mobile.

And here we go again…

Here we are now in a new era of mobile user acquisition, where cash is king. In a world where big get bigger, marketers with little to offer other than a free game are trying to navigate the chaotic world of mobile marketing. Of the experts, most look like digital marketers from the dotcom bubble, recent grads with a blend of analytics, hustle, and creativity, tasked with figuring out something that didn’t exist previously. They are tasked with getting users at low costs -but marketing budgets lack a focus on ROI.

Bottom line

The big question is whether this deja-vu resembles all the me-too, low-quality games that came out of social gaming and made money. If yes, we can buy into the incessant love of a business model that defies the law of economics. But the real question is, is this again the marketing dollars dictating what consumers find, or is it the creativity of developers that make people say “I want that at any price”.

Here is the presentation

Deepika bajaj Deja vu all over again from Deepika Bajaj

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