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In most companies, marketing is seen as an overhead. You need someone to organize assets, drive events, and send emails. We have come way too far from that…

Well, welcome to the world of machines. Living in a world of data and deep learning, I invite you to explore a world where Marketing is now a programming problem.

Are you shaking your head and saying marketing and programming in the same line. What are you talking about?

Here is some context…

Gartner says, marketing leaders allocate 27% of their expense budget to technology, equal to 3.24% of overall revenue, compared with CIO technology spend of 3.4% of revenue.

The budgets in organizations are tied to revenue. Marketers are demanding budgets because they are revenue producers, responsible for customer experiences, and for demand generation. You see my point, the perception of a lady in a marketing department, calling the printers is far cry from the world we are in.

Martech industry is taking note of this and recent Scott Brinker’s annual martech landscape indicates that it has grown from 150 solutions in 2011 to 5,381 in 2017.

The modern marketer is a technologist and a mathematician. She is competent in building the right marketing stack and focused on attribution.

The right marketing stack to build the right Data Story:

Numbers tell a story and only by stitching data together, can you understand the whole story. The integration of all data sources has become critical. A story backed by numbers is like knowing the truth.

And truth be told for…

What data would I need to produce my dream story? Where should I share my story? Who are the people who care about it? Where are they likely to buy?

This truth is buried deep into mountain of data.

Tying data and technology for marketing attribution:

Pageviews and attendees are no longer KPIs…marketers is tied to sales and customer experience. Marketers are now starting to tie all the data and technology to achieve a truly holistic attribution practice — offline and online. This means letting go of old practices and costs like agencies and bringing things in-house.

And the speed with which neural networks and deep learning is advancing, marketers positioned with the right data sets will play pivotal roles in the growth of their organizations.

Let’s solve marketing’s programming problem…I am in.

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