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Madmen era is gone, the modern marketer is a hybrid engineer and marketer.

I am eager to see the growth mindset will drive the transformation of how teams work.

A cross-functional team is the core of your growth strategy

On a growth team, the product, marketer, data analyst, and engineer have to collaborate.

Reach and Growth marketing frameworks

With SEO, Email marketing, Facebook Advertising, we have many channels to drive reach. Over a period, all your direct campaigns will have fatigue. And changing creatives, or keywords is not going to make a big difference. The magic is to see how can increase reach for maximum impact. Finding users in channels outside of your traffic sources is key.

The idea is to look into your user acquisition, search and discovery, and viral loop frameworks and pick the ones that relate to your product and service. And if you see low-quality users following, then it is critical to revisit and revise the framework for getting qualified users.

Engagement is a pre-cursor to revenue

Getting users is just the start, the idea is to keep them engaged and them convert them. Mobile notifications, activity emails, feed notifications are all good channels to bring back.

Welcome to the world of Go Big or Go Home…..

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