I have always taken unconventional approaches to revolutionize marketing. Given my Engineering background, I believe that like technology innovation, marketing is a discipline that needs to keep pace with it. This has allowed me opportunities to work in most disruptive environments where the old paradigms had to be challenged while bringing everybody on the team along with finesse. I have experience in entrepreneurial startups disrupting the status quo and multi-billion dollar companies adapting to market changes.

My entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the vibrant Silicon Valley tech community, which I have been part of post MBA, in New York,  joining Intel, company that moved me to the Santa Clara as part of its prestigious Management rotation program, allowed me to ride many waves of tech industry’s transformations. I was one of the first marketers who broke the viral code on social networks to drive installs. Followed by creating measurement KPIs (Key performance indicators) that were adopted as industry benchmarks to measure performance in the new age of digital marketing. Driving growth of publisher network for a leading virtual currency monetization platform of applications with > 500K Monthly Active Users (MAUs) to drive incremental revenue of +$3M/yr.

With the launch of iOS, I got the opportunity to innovate mobile user acquisition models and lead successful mobile campaign strategies that shot apps and games to the top of the Appstore for some of the industry’s leading PC online game products (Resident Evil, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Devil May Cry), driving 40% revenue growth.

Landing into the B2B world,  in one of the most traditional ecosystems of the scholarly world, I  brought the astute marketing practices in the B2C, resulting in building industry’s first platform-agnostic business intelligence solution in scholarly publishing. I won the trust of competing platforms, a task many felt was near impossible.  to come together to build a SaaS solution that levelled the playing field for academic publishers and academic institutions. Post-acquisition of the parent company for $120M took charge of growth of the new product lines and grew market share with aggressive demand gen, content marketing campaigns.

And with the latest industry transformation in the on-demand e-commerce space got an opportunity to lead and oversee all marketing and sales enablement of a mobile logistics platform scaling from the launch of business to growing business pipeline by 75%.

My dream job is to work in a VC firm helping startups across many verticals and domains with their Go to market (GTM) strategies. My breadth of experiences across many industries (high tech, mobile advertising, gaming, academic publishing, life sciences, semiconductor and consumer products) gives me a unique perspective.

I dream to usher in a new wave of women-led startups. Having built, Invincibelle, a company empowering women, a decade ago, I  have up close and personal experiences that fuel my fire to bring positive change for the next generation.

Additionally, I have worked as Sr. IT Consultant leading AT&T’s and Bell Labs global strategy and implementation of VOIP features (client Sprint) & N/W Management Systems.

I am an early adopter, skilled in taking ideas to scale and driven customer-centric marketer.  

Winner of Entrepreneurship award (IWE), Speaker at the prestigious Milken Conference and Recognized as the “Voice of Diversity for Youth” at the PWC Leadership Conference.

Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Marketing.

Author of DiversityTweet, embracing the growing diversity of our world. I wrote this book when I got my US citizenship with the idea of expressing my own view of embracing a new world while holding on to my roots in India.

I love high-intensity cardio, travelling is my way to broaden my horizons and I enjoy the music of all genres.

I have served on boards of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and Women in Intel.

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