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I am drawn to the value creation in the shopping experience at the intersection of AI & Cloud. As a marketer, I imagine a world where we can create uniquely personal experiences and bring customers back for more. Having the ability to see what you like catered to your interests without wasting time is simply the greatest value customer can get.

e-retailers are eager to offer a unified e-commerce experience to their customers

A shopper sees something online, she wants to be able to buy it without it being “out-of-stock” and have it shipped out in her size is an experience she will find satisfying.

Letting go of the tradition in-store experience

Imagine a world where a shopper has been looking online and what she finds in the store is connected. The alignment of the on-line and off-line experience to meet her desire is nothing less than remarkable.

Stop stalking after a purchase

Imagine a world where the FB ad that shopper has been getting in her feed based on the cookies that follow her online, goes away when she has purchased the item in-store or online, now that is intelligence!

Your voice is our command

Speaking to your mobile device is the next wave of expression. With the new generation naturally progressing to search using voice, it is a matter of time this will become a new marketing channel. To create “You have heard” experience is the biggest marketing opportunity.

Returns are on-line shopping biggest opportunity

Your customer finds this part very boring and this process is aligned with disappointment. With this negative emotion, giving a way out to customers is the biggest opportunity. Amazon takes care of a money-back, no questions asked. And that peace of mind to their online shoppers takes out the regret of shopping online.

Personalized offers are the new “WOW” factor

Your customers see something her favorite star or celebrity is wearing, you offer up an ad which is similar to what she is looking for. She chats with the AI online, gets some more information, and has the ability to buy instantly makes her heart jump. She can’t wait to show her new wardrobe in addition to the party this weekend. Voila!

And now off to bringing this dream to reality — :)

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