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In today’s world, it’s possible to find amazing stuff everywhere. Being in high-tech, I find technology is so advanced that even amazing tech products and services are facing fierce competition. Hyper-competition is a cool industry buzz word given the advent of globalization, however, even globalization is not novel anymore.

So, if you ask me the only reason to make amazing stuff is to make some difference in the life of the person buying it. This, on the contrary, is the ancient wisdom that continues to prevail.

The real question is then why some amazing things made with the intention to make a difference don’t cut it in the marketplace ???

And given my few decades of marketing successes and the scars, my observation is it hinges around the mindset of the team behind making it…

Amazing stuff sells…only if the team is focussed on getting the right outcome for every customer.

3 Things to get this right is:

  1. A good deal comes from a good partner

You can have an amazing product but if you are to be tied to the hip with your vendor, important to consider if you have a partner who is going to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

2. You absolutely do what you say you do

Seth Godin, who is truly one of my fav marketing gurus, says a “Brand” is a “Promise”. It is the promise you make to your customer. And the brand experience is your ability to keep that promise and create a sense of pride in the customer who is willing to then ignore all other options in the marketplace. And customer experience cuts across all functions of the business and requires an All-Star team.

3. A winner’s mindset

This might sound cliche but a team with a healthy mindset is transparent, collaborative, and positive. This creates an unparalleled competitive advantage as everyone is focussed on winning even in the hardest of times while having each other’s back.

And not to miss the value of fun you have in winning while selling…

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